In 1993, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) was established in Belgium to safeguard and enhance public health in Europe. EPHA advocates for improved health in Europe by uniting healthcare professionals and patient groups.


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EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance, had distinct requirements for its various websites. While each site served a unique purpose, they faced common issues related to user experience, functionality, and maintaining a consistent visual identity, including:

  • Lack of specific features
  • Inconsistent user experience
  • No common visual identity

To ensure consistency across EPHA's different websites, we developed a unified visual identity that reflected their mission and values. This consistency strengthened the brand and provided a seamless user experience.

Each website had specific functional needs. For example, for the Clean Air for Health site, we implemented an air quality comparator for different cities. For "Medics for Clean Air," we included a section for testimonials from health professionals. These features were designed to further engage visitors and facilitate action.

Elements such as voting forms, surveys, and contact forms were custom-integrated into each site to enhance engagement and collect valuable data.


Medics for Clean Air

Medics for Clean Air is a group of medical professionals from across Europe advocating for public health and climate emergency awareness.


Foresight Fresher

The FRESHER project aimed to represent alternative futures where the detection of emerging health scenarios is used to test future research policies to effectively tackle the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) burden. The project sought to identify alternative future health scenarios for Europe, considering long-term structural trends in demographics, technology, economics, environment, and societal factors up to 2050.



We believe in a Europe where all citizens are as healthy as possible throughout their lives, promoting well-being for people of all ages, and living, working, and aging in healthy, sustainable environments, with rapid access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for all.


Clean Cooking for Public Health

The Manifesto for Healthy Indoor Air advocates for clean indoor air free from pollutants emitted by gas stoves. The manifesto calls for policies to protect against the health hazards associated with gas cooking and urges decision-makers to take decisive action to safeguard the health of all Europeans.

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