Data protection statement:

The purpose of this statement is to provide you with all the necessary information on the processing of your personal data in a simple manner. "You" are a visitor to the website, "we" are Simpl. SRL in 1083 Brussels

What types of data are processed?

Through the use of this website, we process:
- Identification data: surname, first name, e-mail address, IP address of the device you use to visit this site
- Data related to your requests when you use the contact form
- Data related to the pages visited on this site

We do not use any data of a particular type via this site, such as data relating to health, religious, political or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

For what purposes do we use these data?

The data collected is used for the following purposes:
- To process your requests: with your consent, when you ask a question via the contact form, to answer your questions, remarks, suggestions.
- To protect our infrastructure and your data: the identifiers of the devices that connect to our site are kept, as well as the activity on the site, in order to be able to prevent and investigate "pirate" activities that would jeopardise the web site and your data on it
- To improve our services: statistics on visits are kept, in an anonymous way, to improve our website by observing the frequency of visits to the pages.

To whom is this data transmitted?

Your data collected via this site is never transmitted. Statistical data on the use of the site is "anonymised", which makes it impossible to link it to an individual. In certain cases, we are obliged by law to pass on this information to the judicial/investigating authorities. Your data is also not stored outside the European Union.

How long do we keep your data?

Data about visits to the site is kept for one year. Information provided via the contact form is kept until your request is processed.

What are your rights?

The law entitles you to:
- Receive clear information about the processing of your data
- Request a rectification of your data
- Obtain a copy of the data (at no cost for the first request)
- Request the deletion of the data, insofar as there is no obligation to keep the data
- Request the suspension of the processing of your data (without deletion)
- Withdraw your consent to process your data in the future

These rights are valid for all the processing operations carried out by Simpl. SRL. For these requests, send a letter to the following address Privacy, Simpl. SRL, 9 rue Joseph Verhasselt, 1083 Brussels.

Cookies and tracking of online activity:

This site uses cookies, small data files stored on your devices that record information in order to keep track of your preferences and other information from one visit to another. Site visit statistics are processed by Google Analytics. The information is anonymised so that no link with your identity can be established. You can find more information about cookies in our "cookie policy".