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The Medical Nutrition Industry Association (MNI) is the international voice of the medical nutrition industry.

MNI brings together companies offering specialized nutritional solutions and services designed to meet the diverse nutritional needs of patients.


The MNI website, considered obsolete, needs to be updated to meet current communication objectives. The intention is to strengthen MNI's online identity and visibility. To achieve this, we'll be offering an easy-to-use back-end, enabling the MNI team to manage and update the site's content independently.


We designed a modern website for MNI, reflecting its expertise and professionalism. The migration of content from the old system to WordPress was successfully completed, now offering an intuitive and flexible platform.

A filing system and search function have been implemented, facilitating access to resources. A secure extranet has also been developed to manage MNI's confidential resources, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Maintenance is assured, guaranteeing a fast, efficient response to any requests or problems.

Existing CRM and newsletter functionalities have been integrated, enabling harmonious communication and optimal customer relationship management.

Return on investment

Investment in the redesign and optimization of the MNI website has generated a significant return. The improved user experience and modernized interface have resulted in increased visitor engagement and retention .

Migration to WordPress has simplified content management, reducing operational costs and time spent on maintenance.

The advanced search system, meanwhile, has improved efficiency, enabling users to find the information they need quickly, thus enhancing the site's perceived value.

The extranet for confidential resources has secured critical data, minimizing risk and boosting member confidence .

The integration of CRM and newsletter tools has optimized communication campaigns, increasing member conversion and loyalty.

Together, these improvements have contributed to a stronger online presence, improved member satisfaction and sustained growth for the organization.

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