General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1: Sales contract

The project is described in the specifications included in the quotation. If the project evolves, the quotation is revised and the related work will not be carried out until the Client has approved the new quotation. Simpl. SRL counts the hours worked on the project. It informs the Client on a weekly basis of the elapsed time and warns the Client if it finds that the project will take more or less time than expected, bearing in mind that a working day lasts eight (8) hours.

Article 2: Intellectual property

It is established that any work carried out by Simpl. SRL remains its exclusive intellectual property, apart from the data provided by the Client. Simpl. SRL retains the right of reproduction of its works, including those produced on behalf of the Clients, except when the rights are expressly assigned to them in writing.

The Client who gives an execution or reproduction order is deemed to have acquired all the necessary rights. He assumes, if necessary together with his own clients, all responsibility towards third parties and therefore releases Simpl. SRL.

from any liability.
In case of a contract, all sources and references used may be used only by Simpl. SRL and belong exclusively to it.

Article 3: Contract cancellation

The Client also undertakes to pay an additional cancellation indemnity equivalent to 30% of the residual value of the project. Moreover, as regards the deposit paid, it remains in the possession of Simpl. SRL.

Article 4: Obligations of the Customer

Article 5: Simpl. SRL


Article 6: Claim

Any complaint of any kind must be made within five days of receipt of the goods, by sending an e-mail. The submission of a complaint shall in no case constitute a reason for suspending payment of the invoice.