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AGE Platform Europe

AGE Platform Europe is an EU-funded network of representative organizations committed to the well-being of older people.

AGE's vision encompasses an inclusive society, based on well-being for all, solidarity between generations and the full right to enjoy life, participate and contribute to society.


AGE Platform Europe requires the redesign of its website to make it a more accessible, responsive and secure platform that is attractive and functional. The current site seems overloaded with information and is not optimized for accessibility by older people .


To improve navigation and accessibility, content needs to be restructured. This involves a well thought-out hierarchy and the addition of navigation supports, taking into account the needs of elderly and disabled users.

To guarantee an optimal user experience, speeding up the loading time of site elements is essential, as it helps to hold visitors' attention and improve search engine positioning. At the same time, it's equally crucial to enhance site security. This includes the installation of reliable backup systems and effective defense mechanisms to preserve the confidentiality of user data.

Return on investment

The redesign of the site generated an interesting return on investment, characterized by a significant increase in traffic and user engagement. This resulted in a higher ranking in search results, ensuring greater visibility for the association.

Improvements to site security have reduced potential risks, helping to protect the reputation of the AGE network. Site maintenance has been greatly simplified, reducing long-term costs.

Finally, the implementation of performance monitoring tools has proved invaluable, providing detailed data to refine marketing and operational strategies.

We called on SimpL to redesign our website. The verdict? A job well done, top-notch listening and follow-up... in addition to a very pleasant contact. We recommend them without hesitation!

Anne Mélard, Communication Officer, AGE
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