juin 11, 2024

Need an influencer?

Need an influencer?

Why not create one yourself?
With RenderNet, you can do it!

Create AI images with consistent character, same pose, same hairstyle, same clothing, etc.

Very challenging to achieve with Mdjourney or Dall.e.

With RenderNet, you have control over poses and consistent composition across any image you create.

So, if you need a virtual influencer to promote any product, generate one on rendernet.ai.

juin 11, 2024

Writing Writing Writing

— Need to communicate about your services? You write a post.
— Need an answer to your question? You send a message.
— Need to find new clients? You send cold emails.
— Need to promote your business? You do copywriting.

Writing is the key to performing and succeeding in 2024.

(Someone wrote this post but I can't remember who it was, thanks to him)

juin 11, 2024


How to generate hundreds of leads in a few days through Instagram automation without needing a prior audience?

The goal is to create 5 to 10-second videos that provide value or solve a specific problem for your target audience. These videos should include a call to action, asking viewers to comment with a keyword to receive a free product, such as a guide or an e-book.

Automation is done with Manychat, which automatically sends the free product to those who have commented while collecting their contact information, such as their email.

This strategy is particularly powerful as it does not require any financial investment and takes advantage of the high traffic of reels on Instagram. Even without an initial audience, you can launch videos and quickly attract thousands of views and leads. Automation makes the process scalable, requiring no more effort to manage 1000 leads than one.

This free and accessible method is presented as one of the best ways to generate leads in an automated manner today.


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